Sunday, February 17, 2013

Week 5 and 6 of the AJE Earring Challenge Reveal

Good Morning,

Well, I've been failing to blog about my earrings and we just completed week 5 and 6, where is the time going? A word about this challenge; I've become very popular amongst my friends and family members regarding my earrings.  I make beautiful crystal and pearl chandelier earrings using real silver or gold elements.  Although they are beautiful, it doesn't satisfy my creative side because I feel like I'm just throwing elements together.  Although the earrings I've been making for this challenge aren't my favorite, it has been great fun trying to use the unusual.  We are now half way there and I hope my creativity blossoms more and more each week.  Here are pictures of week 5 and 6.

Week 5:


Week 6:

Well there you have it,  time to work on Week 7 and 8, talk to you soon.


  1. I think your earrings are lovely! You have a great sense of style :)

  2. Great job Dee! Look forward to the next two!