Saturday, October 22, 2011

Well, I fired another batch of bronze and still had mixed results.  One piece turned out perfectly, the others had blisters.  I've heard that if the piece still has moisture within it, it will blister.  I let my pieces dry overnight so I don't thing that is the problem.  This time I flash cooled the pieces, this didn't seem to have any effect either.  I'll keep trying until I find the correct formula.

In my quest to set up my first studio, I went to IKEA with my husband and looked at all of the storage choices.  Wow!  I have to replace the flooring and do a little painting and I'll be on my way.

Oh, I spent yesterday at a well known national Art and Craft show, it was very inspirational.

Here is a pair of earring's I made with little scrap pieces of bronze that I turned into charms and a couple of lampwork beads that I made last year.  I took the pic with my phone so it's a little blurry.  Looking forward to a great day.  I think I will use Halloween as my inspiration this weekend and see if I can create some scary creations.

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