Friday, February 26, 2010

Great Intentions

I've been home sick for several days and haven't been able to satisfy my addiction.  The day prior to my bad cold was spent combing the tables of the International Gem and Jewelry show.  Yesterday, one day after my recovery, I received a shipment of new frit!  I was ready. 

I hit the grocery store on my way home from work and bought fish for dinner (it only takes 10 minutes to prepare).  I intended to cook some veggies and rice and would be ready to eat in about 20 minutes.  The way I figured, I was less than an hour away from firing up the old torch.  I got home, set my DVR to record Survivor and American Idol (I can't hear the TV over my torch), read my mail and started dinner.  I was good to go.

The phone rang, it was long-time friends who wanted to have dinner and exchange Christmas gifts (yes, I know it's February).  Well, how can you refuse?  We went to dinner and had a wonderful evening.

I've made approximately 5 beads this month, no glass was harmed on 25 February.  Maybe tonight ;-}.

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